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#Whosnext: Sunday, June 14 was guest Mark Mederski from the Vintage Rally. Mark Mederski’s love for motorcycling dates back nearly five decades. He has been an AMCA member for nearly 20 years, a VJMC member for 30, and was a club road racer during the 1970s. He is a student of the history of motorcycles, regardless of country of origin, and the people who have ridden them, raced them, or used them for transportation in America. As a skilled marketer, Mederski presided over a long period of membership growth at the American Motorcyclist Association and brought its Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum into national prominence. Mederski currently owns about 30 collectible motorcycles from Europe, England, Japan, and America, a wood shop, and a large motor library.

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Mark Mederski
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