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People who ride motorcycles tend to be an opinionated bunch of characters. Anytime the word “motorcycle” pops up in conversation (don’t laugh, it happens around here) it’s not long before the Opinion Makers work their way through the pack and take the lead.

If you’re smiling and nodding here, we both know we’re talking to you, so tell us why you’d be an ideal Bike Week Radio Show Opinion Maker candidate.

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Years of riding experience
First bike, first ride and with whom?
(dad, brother, neighbor, etc.)
Best ride to date
Worst ride (if it’s not too painful a memory)
What you ride today?
How often to you ride?
What you like MOST about motorcycling today?
What you like LEAST about motorcycling today?
What would you do to make motorcycling BETTER?
What else should we know about you?

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