June 21, 2012 -Now that Bobby Wooldridge is hosting the all-new Bike Week Radio Show, co-host Broc Glover figured it was time Bobby gave motorcycling a try. Wednesday, June 20 marked the first day of summer, and also marked the first time Bobby ever threw a leg over a dirt bike. Broc accompanied Bobby to the Honda Rider Education Center in Colton, CA along with Paul Carruthers and the Cycle News crew for a personal riding lesson with instructor and former motocross champion Mercedes Natvig.

Though he didn’t escape taking a few tumbles in the dirt, Bobby learned the basics of motorcycling and managed to keep the rubber side down – for the most part.

“Things really went well,” Bobby said. “Mercedes is an awesome coach. I was surprised to see how well I could ride when the day was over. We rode over obstacles, and through some trails that had rocks, a water hole, and even crossed a wooden bridge.”

The six-hour class took Bobby and a few fellow participants through the basics of riding and motorcycle safety, and offered them a chance to ride 2012 Honda motorcycles. From selecting the proper gear, to learning how to use a clutch, Bobby learned all the proper steps to riding a motorcycle.

“He really rode well,” explained Broc Glover. “His approach was a bit slow at first, but as the day went on he seemed to get the hang of it. I’m thinking that for lesson two we will get him out to one of the local tracks and see how he handles a few jumps!”

With a small taste of motorcycling now under his belt, Bobby looks forward to spending more time in the saddle and improving his skills. Bobby admitted he was worried about leaving in an ambulance, but he was pleased to walk out unscathed, and on time for his Padres Pre-game show. It appears that things went smoother than expected for Bobby Woo!

Check out the video below of Bobby and Broc’s ride day adventure – Special thanks to Mercedes Natvig and the Honda Rider Education Center!

Click for more information on the Honda Rider Education Center.

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