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Lyle Lovett returns to Bike Week Radio Show
Join Broc, Bobby, Paul and Scott with Grammy Award-Winner Lyle Lovett and Steve Bailey of Vespa Motorsports on Sunday, July 20

BWRS Lyle Lovett returns to Bike Week Radio Show! Grammy Award-Winner Lyle Lovett checks in with the crew once again this Sunday morning! Hear Lyle's thoughts on the success of "PENTON: The John Penton Story," now out in theaters, and his upcoming concert in San Diego at Humphrey's By The Bay. Lovett will also talk about his role as Monte P. Flagman (how apropos for a motorcycle guy) on the FX show The Bridge, and of course, let us know if he's been riding lately! Photo: Michael Wilson

BWRS Steve Bailey | 3rd Annual Salton Sea TT - Attention scooter fans! Steve Bailey, GM for Vespa Motorsports, will be calling in this Sunday to talk about the "3rd Annual Salton Sea TT." The September 21 event is a 320-mile scooter endurance race, starting in San Diego and ending in Escondido (making a trek around the Salton Sea, of course). The best part? You can join the fun! Part of your registration free is donated the Wounded Warrior Project. MORE INFO.

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