R.I.P. Vinnie Mandzack
The motorcycle community mourns the loss of Vinnie Mandzak, or “Cousin Vinnie” as he was known to his close friends. Mandzak tragically lost his battle with brain cancer on June 18, and passed away peacefully in his home. He was 62 years old. Jean Turner came on the show this week and spoke at length about her moving tribute to Vinny that was featured in Issue #26 of Cycle News. To read the entire story click here.

Who was on the show

#Whosnext: With Broc and Paul out enjoying the last of the July 4th weekend, "Mean" Jean Turner and "Epic" Phil Cotner stepped up to the mics. Scott Cox had just returned from 10 full days of pasta, pasta, wine and more pasta. He filled us in on the different locations he was in and the companies he had the pleasure of working with while traveling abroad. Highlights include a trip to the TCX Boots factory.
If you missed the show, you can still listen here

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