Holiday Gift Guide - PENTON - The John Penton Story

After reading Ed Youngblood’s book John Penton and the Off-Road Motorcycle Revolution in 2007, renowned motorcycle biography director & Bike Week Radio Show guest Todd Huffman (The Motocross Files-Speed, Legends of Supercross-CBS, The Carlsbad USGP:1980, One Chance to Win, and Bob Hannah’s 1981 Massacre at Saddleback) thought there was a story to be told there. If you’re a motorcycle or dirt bike fan in the US or around the globe, or you just love a great story about American spirit, tenacity and ingenuity, then you'll love this movie.

Who was on the show

Bike Week Radio Show welcomed Jared Mees who talked about racing Marc Márquez in superprestigio in Spain and what it takes to winning multiple championships. Jared started racing with a PW 50 as his first bike at six years old, when his father got him into racing. He won the 2001 AMA Horizon Award, turned Pro Sport and won the Sportster performance championship in 2002, and he won the Grand National Championship in 2012!
If you missed the show, you can still listen here

$100 gift card winners:
Dave Kramer
Michele McClain
Dwight E Anderson

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